Forest of Lights at FAIR OAKS FARM

The Dirt There are many reasons why my family frequents our local agritourism attraction, Fair Oaks Farm.  First off, it’s nearby…and we live in a place where really NOTHING is nearby.  Their features change seasonally so it can often feel like a new experience or the best of that particular season each time we visit. Continue reading “Forest of Lights at FAIR OAKS FARM”

Conner Prairie: A Very Merry Prairie – Fishers, IN

The Dirt I am going to go ahead and start you off with the COOLEST lights of the whole evening.  (See moving image above…obviously.)  Not only were the bridge’s speakers blaring TSO’s best (a major bonus in my book), the lights were seemingly dancing along.  Which, of course, led to some interpretive Christmas dancing (moreContinue reading “Conner Prairie: A Very Merry Prairie – Fishers, IN”

Medium Sun, Maximum FUN: How to Win the Day at Deep River Waterpark

One of those days without anything planned where an impromptu call to a lifelong friend turned into a Splashtastic summer afternoon. Rewind over 20 years and you would find these two pals donning their Deep River Waterpark uniforms and greeting guests instead of kickin’their feet up…for a minute… because KIDS! Within moments of entering theContinue reading “Medium Sun, Maximum FUN: How to Win the Day at Deep River Waterpark”