Carlsbad the Rad Caverns

Mackeys Meander the Magnificent, our Junior Ranger Adventures. The Dirt It’s kinda cool how visiting a place you’ve seen before becomes a new experience for you when you are watching others see it with fresh eyes. I mean, Carlsbad Caverns are unequivically a miraculous wonder of nature and magnificence. But, so are humans…especially the reallyContinue reading “Carlsbad the Rad Caverns”

The Guadalupe Mountains BEST Hike for Kid Climbers & Grit Growers

Mackeys Meander the Magnificent, our Junior Ranger Adventures. The Dirt Somehow…I got it in my head that The Guadalupe Mountain National Park was actually a forest. I see the words… I presumed, we would be hiking through the woods…even though the words said to my head were totally different. Sometimes, my translator just doesn’t work!Continue reading “The Guadalupe Mountains BEST Hike for Kid Climbers & Grit Growers”

Big Bend…the Planet!

Mackeys Meander the Magnificent, our Junior Ranger Adventures. The Dirt We didn’t take a spaceship…but we did journey across Mars and or Mercury (we felt VERY close to the sun!) to land at Big Bend National Park! Like an astronaut without human contact…I felt totally coo coo bananas with so. much. space! I can’t reallyContinue reading “Big Bend…the Planet!”

The Gathering Place – Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Dirt This is the place for multi-generational families to meet and play together. We are always seeking spots on road trips that allow for the kiddos to maximize their gross motor play before strapping them back into their seatbelts! This park FAR exceeded our expectations. It was a (paved and ADA compatible) stroll throughContinue reading “The Gathering Place – Tulsa, Oklahoma”

Short and Sweet: Maple Syrup Times at Deep River

Hooray for a sunny day! Every year we mark our favorite park experiences on the calendar once the rest of our obligations are penciled in. Slowly but surely, many things get eliminated by soccer practices, family parties, colds, the desire to do absolutely nothing on our days off…and things of the like. This Sunday, ourContinue reading “Short and Sweet: Maple Syrup Times at Deep River”

Only Two Weeks of Winter Left!

Fresh off of a snow day, we planned a quick getaway to scratch all our winter itches before the snowy season melts away.  Our big guy has taken a liking to snowboarding.  (A hobby not as conducive to NWI living…unless we just haven’t figured it out yet!)  Since we knew we would have some travelingContinue reading “Only Two Weeks of Winter Left!”

Forest of Lights at FAIR OAKS FARM

The Dirt There are many reasons why my family frequents our local agritourism attraction, Fair Oaks Farm.  First off, it’s nearby…and we live in a place where really NOTHING is nearby.  Their features change seasonally so it can often feel like a new experience or the best of that particular season each time we visit. Continue reading “Forest of Lights at FAIR OAKS FARM”