Please take your shoes off before going outside.

When life gives you mud…make a pie!

She thought she knew everything there was to know about children.  Had a couple of her own and found out she knew nothing.  (Or, so it felt.)  Got busy becoming an expert. (ie. failing often.) Making a life running a children’s museum-ish garden and doing my best to raise good humans.

 Essentially, I was born in a toy box and haven’t left.  My name is Kara.  The hairy one is Tom. Together with our friends and family (experts and amateurs equal), we invite you to dig into The Dirt on Kids

Disclaimer: These ramblings and opinions are mine and mine alone. I am not going to get everything anything perfect…nor should we (that goes for you, too!) as we are all works in progress. My intentions are bravery, kindness and my messy truth…hence not editing out the many made up words and unconventional approach to grammar.

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