Nothing Better than Fall at Fair Oaks Farm!

Apple picking with ample space, fields of flowers, acres of entertainment and ENORMOUS APPLES!

The Dirt

Very thankful for friends that keep track of when the “right” apples (aka. Honeycrisps) are in season so we don’t miss out! 

Fair Oaks Farm is a destination for many…for us, it’s a stop in the neighborhood.  I can assure you…even if it’s a commute – it’s worth the trip!  It’s harvest season in Northwest Indiana so it’s hard to find a bad view. 

At Fair Oaks, it’s clear that there is so much effort put into making sure the place looks good from every angle.

  That there is just as much for the parents to enjoy as their is for the kids.

  And, best of all – that you will leave there well fed!  In our case, that means with a full wagon FULL of perfect apples. 

Stuck in the mud?

This is not a complaint…it’s just the world we are living in.  We are members here and it was time for us to renew.  There was a significant jump in price.  However, there was also a jump in offerings!  The place is well kept and the experience keeps improving.

We like to think of local memberships not only as an invest for the fun of our family, but also as being supportive of our local community. 

Did you grub?

Of course!  You can’t NOT grub at Fair Oaks!  Truthfully, there were a few new food stand additions that made eating there easier than ever.  Especially, for those of us that prefer to eat outside.

Many go for the meat.  We go for the ice cream and cheese…and leave with donuts and cider.

Unless we go on a Sunday…then it’s for the Bloody Mary’s with both cheese and bacon.  You’re welcome!

What did we dig the most?

We love the outdoor play areas.  In most places, you have to pay extra for climbing walls,

the bungee trampoline

and ropes course.

With our membership, it’s all included! In addition, they added new play near the apple orchard. We played bags while the kids made giant bubbles,

rolled like hogs

and gave the old tetherball a go…who knew!

The classics just never get old.

Ya might wanna plan to stay all day!

Seed Planted

There’s plenty to learn at this Agri-Tourism destination. Whether it’s meat, dairy or crop farming…there’s something for everyone. This early fall play date has become a tradition. The kids know to seek out the best apples and brace the limbs as they pull so they don’t pull off any unnecessary leaves. We nibble our way through the field finding the best apples for lunches (Pixie Crunch) and pies (Honeycrisps)!

We get lost in the rows and shout for each other Marco/Polo style. Then we plan for the goodies we are going to make at home…pies, muffins, pancake toppings…can we freeze pie filling? It’s the trip that will be continuing in our home with the smell of fresh apples on the countertop and baked crisps in the oven. It’s a trip that carries home the smell of love and fills the house with it.

Go Play!

Here are the up to date details. Have fun!

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