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A Midwest SPRING BREAK Epic National Park Road Trip!

Midwest to….still the Midwest…and a little South. The Plan:  To note…many of these trips were so very quick! This trip was quite easy, delightful and informative. Shelby, Indiana to St. Louis, Missouri (4.5 hours) to Little Rock, Arkansas (5.5 hours) to Hot Springs, Arkansas (1 hour) to Memphis, Tennessee (3 hours) , then back to…

Animals Abound at Congaree National Park

There were some learning firsts on our trip to Congaree National Park, and those were awesome. But the many learning seconds, thirds and beyonds – this is what strips these lessons from being novel and turns them into our own lived experience…our own history if you will.

Halloween Costumes: Homemade vs. Store Bought…Irrelevant?

brought to you by our dear friend, Mommy Weirdest. Minnie Mouse, a Clown, Snow White and a Bride. No, not the start of some elaborate joke, those were just my first four Halloween costumes. From the time I was 18 months all the way through preschool, my grandma handmade each one of my costumes. This…