The Mackeys’ Epic National Park Road Trip!

Midwest to the Southwest The Plan:  Shelby, Indiana to Tulsa, Oklahoma (10 hours) to Sweetwater, Texas (6 hours) to Lajitas, Texas (6 hours) to Carlsbad, New Mexico (6 hours) to El Paso, Texas  (3 hours) to Mesa, Arizona (7 hours) to Santa Fe, New Mexico (8 hours) to Dodge City, Kansas (7 hours) to KansasContinue reading “The Mackeys’ Epic National Park Road Trip!”

The Guadalupe Mountains BEST Hike for Kid Climbers & Grit Growers

Mackeys Meander the Magnificent, our Junior Ranger Adventures. The Dirt Somehow…I got it in my head that The Guadalupe Mountain National Park was actually a forest. I see the words… I presumed, we would be hiking through the woods…even though the words said to my head were totally different. Sometimes, my translator just doesn’t work!Continue reading “The Guadalupe Mountains BEST Hike for Kid Climbers & Grit Growers”