Medium Sun, Maximum FUN: How to Win the Day at Deep River Waterpark

One of those days without anything planned where an impromptu call to a lifelong friend turned into a Splashtastic summer afternoon. Rewind over 20 years and you would find these two pals donning their Deep River Waterpark uniforms and greeting guests instead of kickin’their feet up…for a minute… because KIDS! Within moments of entering theContinue reading “Medium Sun, Maximum FUN: How to Win the Day at Deep River Waterpark”

“YES DAY” in NWI…Can Kids Actually Plan a Fun Adventure?

The moment we finished watching “Yes Day” as a family, the boys were revved up about the idea of doing one themselves.  We agreed to do it on the first available day of summer.  A nice end to the school year and celebration of the long, play-filled days ahead.  My husband still teaches a weekContinue reading ““YES DAY” in NWI…Can Kids Actually Plan a Fun Adventure?”

Snow MUSH Play at Oak Ridge Prairie

Is everyone else ready to put themselves in the rays of sunshine no matter the sloshy mess?  Same here!  Actually, as I am writing this – the week has blazed into a teasing refuge of early spring as opposed to the mushy and soiled leftovers of winter just a few days prior.  And we were readyContinue reading “Snow MUSH Play at Oak Ridge Prairie”