Medium Sun, Maximum FUN: How to Win the Day at Deep River Waterpark

One of those days without anything planned where an impromptu call to a lifelong friend turned into a Splashtastic summer afternoon.

Entertained Kids = Happy Moms

Rewind over 20 years and you would find these two pals donning their Deep River Waterpark uniforms and greeting guests instead of kickin’their feet up…for a minute… because KIDS!

Within moments of entering the gates, we unexpectedly added another old Waterpark pal (who is also my buddies brother-in-law!) to our murder of mischief. He happens to be the best FUN dad in town. Hooray for us!

Just missing our DRWP uniforms and sticky Dippin’ Dot flip-flops!

Just a reminder, kids enjoy parents enjoying themselves so we were very happy to oblige. We know the park inside and out, but after visiting regularly each summer, it turns out that our kids do, too!

Kraken racing coo coo kiddos!

Oddly enough, most of their ideas were in line with one another. “First, the Kraken. Next, the Wave Pool then let’s head to the Courthouse!” And, go!

As experienced waterparkers, we were hoping the morning rain would keep the lines short and the sun gentle… we were spot on. The day was an absolute delight. We ran into old friends, made some new friends. Finished a ride then ran right back up the stairs to do it again…. and again… and again.

We watched with smiles as our kids embarked on the age-old debate of body slides vs. tube slides. (My sensitive crew always picks tube… and I am so okay with that!). Frolicking ensued from one attraction to the next. No tears. No scrapes. The waves were bigger than we remembered, as they seem to be each season. The park was cleaner than I imagined. (As a park person coming off of a pandemic year, I was entering with a LOT of grace – I didn’t need it.).

And, no Deep River Waterpark is not paying me to write this. The only hang-up we had all day was a strong potty dance from one side of the park to the other because the bathrooms by the front gate were closed. The lifeguards were on point, in and out of the water all day long… (Including one time for my littles when they clogged themselves on the Toilet Bowl slide, go figure!)

Our six chairs in a row made a great home for snacks and momentary rests from the onslaught of recurring thrills. Small but Mighty and the Fun Dad tackled with glee the tallest and fierstest of all slides, the Dragon. Mouths agape, we were glued to her ascent and her not surprisingly rapid plunge. She survived with the confidence of an Olympic acrobat – no big deal. The rest of us started breathing again…eventually.

It’s a toss up over who is beaming brighter.

A day at Deep River Waterpark is never complete without a bowl of DippinDots as the cherry on top of a play rich day. This sticky treat is best when mixed (for example: half birthday cake and half chocolate, thanks Ker!). And, shared.

“Can I try yours…?”

The summer moves so fast, it was nice to actually size the opportunity to enjoy a favorite place with favorite people. YOLO!

Guess who is going to sleep well tonight!?!

Don’t wait for the perfect day, go on a cloudy one and bring your own sun. Thanks for the FUN!

“The sun illuminates only the eyes of the man but shines into the eye and the heart of the child”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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