City Museum – St. Louis, MO

The Dirt

A must do for all art lovers and thrill seekers.  City Museum is not for the faint of heart.  We were warned in advance to wear knee-pads and pack a headlamp…we didn’t.  We should have.  But, we survived…barely.  
Actually, we soared!  It’s so wild and wonderful and there’s so much to see that we  try to go back every time we are traveling from the Midwest to the south, which is frequently.  It’s in our “Top #5 Places to Play” always.  Disclaimer: pre-pandemic visit…please adjust expectations accordingly. 🙂

Stuck in the mud?

For the most part, the only tricky part is finding a time when the place isn’t booming.  And, watching out for bigger friends. Oh…and trying not to lose your child in the cavernous areas designed for child-sized bodies that are off limits for anyone with even a mild case of claustrophobia…which is me.  Point being, the place is bonkers (which we love!) but probably not a good idea to visit if you are easily overwhelmed by…welp, by anything really.

Did you grub?

On chocolate…and BBQ…and beer.  There are meal deals and family specials available but we didn’t go that route.  The food feels like novelty carnival food.  Or, a bit like a an old-school candy store.  You might start out trying to say no (because what I feed the humans in my life really does matter to me) but there is always room for exceptions – and this was one of them.  The kids were happy and so was I with the room, time and space enough to burn off their sugar highs.  Mom of the day?  The kids thought so.  Perhaps, the Hairy One did too.  (Recall, I said beer.)

What did we dig the most?

The answer is just, yes.  All the wow that happens when you walk through the doors and climb multiple levels.  City Museum takes the “safe” out of “safe risk play” in the best way.  The thrill is real.  The feats are real.  Art is everywhere.  (It doesn’t contain art, it is art.)  Plus, live circus performances.  Need I say more?  

Seed Planted

We seek out opportunities to show the kiddos we know they’re capable.  City Museum is FULL of them.  The “too high” slides, the truly kinda fast train ride through dark and trippy tunnels for kids only.  (Sorry, grown-ups.)  All.  The.  Climbing!  And, swinging from ropes and ramping high inclines.  The view from the Ferris Wheel on the top of the building made me practice my bravery…which is the best seed of all.  Let’s keep showing our kids what we are made of – especially when it’s hard.  Or just really, really high! 

Go Play!

HERE are the up to date details. Have fun!

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