Bellaboo’s – Lake Station, IN

The Dirt

Meet the day job! (Note: They are not paying me to do this. I actually nerd out on play so much that I can’t stop sharing!) Not only have I spent the most time here, my family has too. Yes, my thoughts are biased, yet nonetheless sincere. We play not just because mom has to work (though sometimes that’s the case!) The kids (currently 8 & 9) have not outgrown its wonder. Mom trusts the care that goes into cleaning – because she cleans it herself. (Not alone: Shout out to the Boo Crew!) For the fam, just when the kids thought there wasn’t a new surprise to be found, the Imagination Garden opened and has taken their play to a whole new world. Actually, worlds.   

Stuck in the mud?

Truths. What would my hold up be if I didn’t work at Bellaboo’s? Welp, let me think… It’s honestly a pretty easy way to spend the day. Lines are slim and it’s spacious both inside and out. It’s a super accessible drive but the directions can get tricky sometimes. (Mostly for guests heading north on the interstate, it feels like you should turn right because you pass the building on the right but it’s actually a left turn!) We are in a constant state of reimagining to improve…especially now that the outside is so spectacular. Time to get some updates happening on the inside, too!

Did you grub?

Daily! I prefer the Garden Fresh salad with the Gluten Free crispy chicken and Green Goddess Dressing. My kids would say PIZZA! And, my husband would say the chicken sandwich. 2020 has done a number on Bellaboo’s menu (along with many other places!) but the food is quality and delicious. Plus, organic milk and juice options make this parent/manager quite happy!

What did we dig the most?

We like to move it around here. Unequivically, we all enjoy the enormo family slides outside and guard rails for sliding. The big dude says Pedal Carts are his favorite. The little, the 60ft Pirate Ship. Mom loves to watch the work they do during Block Play. The big, real wooden blocks and planks regularly transform into forts, a plane or just an obstacle course for parents to traverse to keep them from taking the kids home!  

Seed Planted

I’m gonna go ahead and say seeds in regards to Bellaboo’s. They’ve done all the things, felt all the feels, failed all the fails. Made friends, skinned knees, yelled across the building for mom and headed outside by themselves (when old enough) to do it all by themselves. This is our constant play garden. The old roots are deep with plenty new seeds still to bloom.  

Go Play!

HERE are the up to date details. Have fun!

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