“No one comes from the earth like grass. We come like trees. We all have roots.”

Maya Angelou

Play Roots

Why is play so important for children?

Because it’s just so fun! That knee-jerk reaction is what keeps most of us coming back to the things we love – joy makes learning happen naturally. There isn’t a researcher or play advocate out there that hasn’t started this investigation without first looking back into their own childhood and examining why such a simple joys can leave a lasting impact.

You’re a researcher. You would’t have clicked the “dig in” button if you didn’t want to learn more. Try it out. Think back to your childhood. What could you spend all day doing that caused the sun do to a partial rotation around the earth and change the shades of the sky by the time you were finally done “working?” Which is what play is for children, of course. It’s their most important “work.”

Play Roots

Why is play so important?

Dig Deep

What are the benefits of nature play?

Grow Love

How do I grow a playful life?

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Say, “treeeees”

My name is Kara. By nature, I am incredibly curious. Which is why I get along with kids so well! It would be my honor to share the dirt I’ve collected and learn from you as we dig in to all things parenting, play & kids!



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